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Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Kelowna BC, overlooking Okanagan Lake. We love this city, this community and what we strive for is to create a unique and uplifting experience for anyone joining us in our space. Hang out before and after class, enjoy the view and sip on our Motherlove Kombucha on tap. Enjoy classes fuelled by good beats and Kelowna's top instructors.

We can't wait for you to join us!


Who We Are


Tara Greer

Owner, Yoga Instructor & YTT Host

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Kelly Day

Yoga Instructor & YTT Host


Laura Martini

Special Events & Workshops Yoga Instructor


Shauna Nyrose

Yoga Instructor


Angelique Panther

Yoga Instructor & YTT Host


Nikki Jinks

Yoga Instructor


Johanna Macheledt

Yoga Instructor


Vika Bradford

Yoga Instructor


Katlyn Dawn

Yoga Instructor

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Carol Domanko

Yoga Instructor

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Jamie Thrasher

Yoga Instructor


Emilie Mann

Yoga Instructor


Aleena McKinnon

Yoga Instructor


Angela Walsh

Yoga Instructor


Bobbie-Lee Letawsky

Yoga Instructor


Rebecca Pulford

Yoga Instructor


Hayden Kee

Yoga Instructor


Tayler Sawchuk

Yoga Instructor


Shannon Falls

Yoga Instructor


Ally Ordogh

Yoga Instructor


Barb Frim

Yoga Instructor


Upcoming Events

  • Anatomy Training with Miles Kroeker
    Sat, Jan 30
    Bliss Yoga Lounge
    Jan 30, 2:45 PM – Jan 31, 5:30 PM
    Bliss Yoga Lounge, 223 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna, BC, Canada
    This workshop is designed to develop your understanding and awareness around our musculoskeletal anatomy. The M.R.K represents not only the teachers Title (Mr. Kroeker) but stands for Movement, Rehabilitation and Kinesthetics. The anatomy we learn will be functionally linked to these three avenues.
  • Kids Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training
    Sat, May 15
    Bliss Yoga Lounge
    May 15, 10:00 AM PDT – May 23, 6:00 PM PDT
    Bliss Yoga Lounge, 223 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna, BC, Canada
    Whether you're a yoga teacher, parent, or work with children in any other capacity, this is an amazing and accessible training to bring a greater understanding to the development of children from utero to 6 years. This is a Yoga Alliance Certified Kids Yoga Training.

Class Styles

🜂Infrared Heated  🜁Non-Heated

(currently ALL non-heated due to Covid Protocols)

We offer all of the elements. Whether you're looking to fire it up with a power-y practice or max relax with an earth-y class, we've got you. We provide the options of both heated and non-heated classes. Our infrared heated classes only get up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which we find to be a perfect temp for warming the muscles and joints and making for a sweet and sweaty practice. Of course if that's not your jam, look for the non-heated option (see symbols next to classes on schedule, at least one option each day).. Our instructors are experienced and offer variations to suit every level. Explore different styles while feeling welcome and encouraged, no matter what stage you are at in your practice.

Burn (currently not running due to Covid)

These fire-y practices, also known as Power classes, are meant to energize you, challenge you and leave you feeling blissful as you close each practice sweetly. Each instructor has their own beautiful flare to their fire, so don't expect the same thing each time.. we are here to learn, grow, expand... mind, body, spirit! Stay open and curious. You never know what you might experience when you let down any barriers.


Flow. The most loved, most accepted style of yoga practice in our modern world. This practice is meant to connect you through your breath and movement. We build strength, stability, flexibility and mobility. We practice with grace and compassion for where we are at. We allow our bodies to move with a flow-like sensation, never forced.


Mmm. Yin. Nidra. Earth-y, grounding practices. When you come to these classes, make sure you really LET yourself rest. Magic happens when you can intentionally, consciously, rest your body and your mind completely.


Space. Stillness. Meditation. Breathwork.
You do not need to know what you're doing. Drop any need to perfect. This is not about being a guru. This is about taking time our of your day to unravel the busy-ness of the mind and allowing yourself to just be. Exactly as you are. No distractions.


We like to party. This class will be loud and fun with the instructor on a mic. Expect good beats and high energy!

Buti (currently not running due to Covid)

Buti Yoga brings a variety of different movements together, including vinyasa-style yoga, tribal-inspired dancing and plyometric. The high-intensity classes are paired with pumping music and are open to people of all fitness abilities. Be prepared to feel the burn!



Pricing Options

Find A Membership That Suits You

(prices shown exclude taxes - 5% added at checkout)
*students receive 20% off drop-in & punch passes - must present Student ID*




First 2 Weeks Unlimited


5 Punch Pass


10 Punch Pass


20 Punch Pass


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⚫︎ I M P O R T A N T ⚫︎

We have updated our protocols as per new guidance set out by health officials as of Dec 14th, 2020. What you can expect at the studio while we need to abide by Covid regulations:

⚫︎ Regularly, we offer heated classes. For the time being until we get approval to host heated classes, we will have ALL classes set to a comfortable warmth.

⚫︎ Masks are now mandatory in studio and until you arrive on your mat. You can remove your mask while on your mat, as you're able to maintain physical distancing, but you must put your mask back on when leaving your mat.

⚫︎ There will be stickers on the floor indicating where your yoga mat goes, with 2 metres space between each.
⚫︎ Showers are CLOSED. Toilets still in use but showers are not.​
⚫︎ Hand sanitizer is provided at the top of the stairs as you come in and at front desk. We ask that you please sanitize before entering the rest of the building.
⚫︎ Our staff are fully trained in sanitizing the space properly after every class.

⚫︎ No congregating in lounge anymore, we must keep 2 meters apart, even while masked
⚫︎ At this time, we are restricted from offering any food or beverages. Please make sure to bring your own water bottle and you are welcome to use our filtered water station.

⚫︎ We will make sure to run our air exchange system during every class and keep our doors open to better our air flow and ventilation. 

⚫︎ Flow of traffic in place with arrows on floor - enter into back door of yoga room, exit through French doors when leaving yoga class AND leaving studio from change rooms​

⚫︎ We will not be providing citrus towels at this time
⚫︎ We ask that each person does their part in making sure they are responsibly distancing from others and sanitizing properly.
⚫︎ If you are sick, please stay home.
⚫︎ Since class numbers will be limited, we are only allowing online sign-ins only so please reserve your space before you come to the studio to avoid disappointment if class is already full.

If you have any questions or concerns, please just reach out. We are here to create a welcome, clean, safe and enjoyable experience.

We appreciate you being here while we navigate these times together 🤍


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