Sat., Apr. 10 | Bliss Yoga Lounge

Meditation for Mindfulness with Julie McCormick

MEDITATION FOR MINDFULNESS Join Julie McCormick at Bliss Yoga Lounge on April 10th, 2021 at 7pm for a 90 minutes workshop. $32/person - includes ChaiBaba Tea or Motherlove Kombucha
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Meditation for Mindfulness with Julie McCormick

Time & Location

Apr. 10, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Bliss Yoga Lounge, 223 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N2, Canada

About the event


How often are we on autopilot?

How often do we do two or three things at the same time? Eating with our cellphone or in front of the TV? Talking to somebody while being on our phone? Taking a walk with music in the ears? Go to a yoga class and think about what pose comes next, what we have to do after, what is the person beside us thinking about our practice? How mindful are we? It’s hard to be mindful when our senses are over stimulated! And we live in a very Buzzing society so when are we mindful of what is going on inside us, in our body and mind? Do we have to wait for our body to send big alarms signals or we can start taking care of ourselves now? When do we take time to feel? When do we take time for self-care?

We do so many things at once because we want to be productive but we forget to live! We forget to take time to breathe mindfully. We forget to be present.

When we slow down, we can start feeling, we can become mindful of what is important, what makes us feel good and happy.

There are various health benefits that meditation can provide: it can reduce stress, lower heart rate, improve immunity, and promote better sleep.

Practicing Mindful meditation is very powerful! It might make you taste your food more, smell better, hear the sounds of nature vividly, see more brightness in the sky and the lush of the forest intensively, feel the sensation more! Your 5 senses will be turn on, one at the time so your awareness shift to something truly beautiful and powerful! You will disconnect to reconnect to yourself and the nature around you while being in your present moment.

Putting a pause on productivity is difficult because we think that’s what society expects from us. But what kind of life do we really want to have? What brings us joy? What makes us feel alive and makes us smile?

This workshop is about becoming more aware of our 5 senses with mindfulness! Are you ready to remove the autopilot and to become more conscious of you mind and yourself?

Join me at Bliss Yoga Lounge on April 10th, 2021 at 7pm for a 90 minutes workshop.

$32/person - includes ChaiBaba Tea or Motherlove Kombucha

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