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Tara Greer

Owner, Yoga Instructor & YTT Host

Tara, founder of Bliss Yoga Lounge, Yoga Instructor of 11 years, mama of 3 and a passionate sharer of health and wellness when it comes to movement, nutrition and mindset.

Tara is a passionate entrepreneur of multiple ventures, Bliss being her main love. Tara created Bliss with the intention in mind of creating a feeling of connection, community and good vibes and is extremely proud of the way her teachers, staff and students have really connected with this and continue to create this on a daily, bringing all the good vibes!

After years of being and teaching in this yoga community, Tara is most passionate about training others now to become teachers themselves, hosting teacher trainings at the studio, she plans to pick up retreat planning again soon (post newborn stage) and while she is home with her babies, she is also working her wellness business with Arbonne, sharing her love for their toxin-free nutritional products.

Tara's love for yoga, wellness and community comes from the way it has all helped her heal through life's challenges and her intention in sharing through any of these ventures is to help others live a joyful, healthy and fulfilling life. "May we all find peace and nourishment within ourselves so that we may spread more love, more kindness, more light into those around us, creating a ripple effect out into the world." - with love.

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Carol Domanko

Yoga Instructor & Studio Manager

Carol began her yoga journey after graduating from film school in 2008. She fell in love with the practice not only for its physical benefits but for how it boosts mental health. She did her first training in 2011 and began teaching and sharing her love for yoga that year. In 2016, Carol completed another 200 hour yoga teacher training in the Baptiste Power style, then went on to deepen her knowledge and skills with the Master Teacher Training program in 2017.

Since then, Carol has continued to grow both as a yoga instructor and a human being. She completed a trauma sensitive course and worked at the Canadian Mental Health Association for several years, which was both challenging and immensely rewarding. Her time there allowed her to see first hand the impact of yoga in overcoming mental health issues and addiction.

Her favourite classes to teach are vinyasa flows that allow her to use her creativity. Her most loved aspect of teaching is hands-on assisting as a way to really connect with students and facilitate new possibility in poses.

When not in the studio, you can find Carol hanging out with her Labradoodle, “Moose”, hiking a mountain, in the kitchen trying a new recipe, or creating jewelry for her label “Shakti Bling”.

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AJ Cooper

Yoga Instructor

I am a yoga educator and healing arts master who has been following the path to enlightenment for over 14 years. My biggest journey began many years ago in the sacred community of the Sivananda Vedanta Centre. There, yoga taught me to ascend above my mental, emotional, and physical battles. I was able to make peace with my inner demons and consciously overcome addiction. My spiritual journey has made me unbreakable! 

Today, I share my heart, my strength, my ever-growing knowledge & my light-hearted energy through various modalities. 

Yoga is a gift and I teach to share that gift - to heal, awaken & empower ♡

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Aleena McKinnon

Yoga/Buti Instructor

Aleena has been a yoga enthusiast for eight years, teacher for six. A dancer her whole life, it wasn’t until a bad car accident that she was introduced to yoga through her physiotherapist. It is my ongoing intention to assist others in re-awakening to the magnificence of one’s own mind and body. I believe that through a conscious exploration of the layers that comprise our being, each of us can learn to think and move in harmony with the intelligence that manifests as us. It is this re-discovery of our own strength, wisdom and grace that inspired me to continue on this journey of practicing and sharing yoga.. Namaste.

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Barb Frim

Yoga Instructor

I am a “retired” BC import from Ontario and have also lived in Bermuda where I travel as often as possible. 

I began yoga in my 50’s and enjoy sharing my love of yoga with others, especially newcomers.  Yoga is such a great addition to your health and wellness practice and perfect for all ages. I’ve taught group & private gentle hatha classes and also chair yoga.  I’ve attended and/or taught at yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and locally. 

Vrksasana or Tree Pose is one of my favourite poses.  Balance is so important, even more so as we age. Tree pose can be easily adapted for all and you can use the wall or countertop to practice as you begin.  If you’ve got it, close your eyes and challenge yourself.

I love live music, the lake, the mountains and the Kelowna community vibe.  So happy to be here.

Catch Barb teaching her awesome unheated Basics class every Tuesday and Friday at 9:30am 👏 Basics is perfect for beginners or those who want to get back to the foundations of the practice. It’s a slower paced, Hatha style class in a comfortably warm room, designed to make you feel confident, calm, and clear! 

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Bobbie-Lee Letawsky

Yoga Instructor

My yoga journey began two decades ago in a small Alberta town. I was invited to a belly dancing class at a local recreation center by my Aunt. We did some yoga at the beginning of the class to warm up our bodies. I couldn't touch my toes and was embarrassed and a little ashamed of my lack of athletic ability for my age. I bonded with the instructor, as she was my age and a total inspiration. I began practicing diligently at her local studio, and yoga became integral to my life. In 2018 I travelled to Thailand to take my 200 hr YYT to become my own guide and share the gift of yoga with others.

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Dawn Petrin

Yoga Instructor

Like most yoga teachers, the practice completely changed my life.

And I try my best to live every day – on and off the mat – in a state of continual practice (which doesn't mean I'm always successful).

There's nothing I love more than bringing my students back to their center and helping their nervous systems soften and ground. I believe that the best way to approach yoga is through compassion and personal inquiry and I encourage my students to balance serious practice with a spirit of lightheartedness. If you're taking yourself super seriously, I'm likely to do almost anything I can to get you to lighten up and laugh.

I'm inspired by poetry, mountains, mantra, meditation, the ocean, the lake, my loved ones, regenerative farming practices and the beautiful, inclusive Okanagan yoga community.

When I'm not on my mat, I'm likely to be found hanging off the sides of mountains, falling off plastic holds at the climbing gym, or crushing marketing campaigns on my laptop at whichever local cafe has the best wifi and cappuccinos.

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Hayley Williams

Yoga Instructor

Hayley has always loved yoga but really dove deeper into her practice during 2020. After moving to Kelowna in the summer of 2021, she instantly signed up for her YTT here at Bliss! Hayley is so grateful to have fallen into the amazing Yoga Community in Kelowna and is honoured to teach alongside some of her role models. Her favourite classes to teach are Bliss & Be classes! You can also find Hayley around town hosting various yoga offerings.

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Jaclyn Locking

Yoga Instructor

Jaclyn is a local Kelowna visual artist, yoga instructor and also recently obtained her Level 1 Reiki certification. Fascinated by energetics, pranayama and alignment, for Jaclyn, teaching yoga is another extension of her creativity. She believes there is an art to crafting a sequence for class. 

Though her favorite pose is continually changing, much like her hair color - Warrior II, (Virabhadrasana II) is a old favorite. It’s the energetics of the pose; drawing the energy up from the earth, through her feet. Visualizing it travel throughout the body and out through her finger tips like a colorful care bear stare. 

Yoga enhances Jaclyn’s art practice not only as a tool for pain management from long days in front of an easel but as an invitation to lean into the meditative qualities of her art process and utilize her intuition as a guide for mark making. 

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Jamie Thrasher

Yoga Instructor

I'm a 500 E-RYT trained instructor and have been teaching yoga since 2016. Teaching itself has been a massive self evolutionary process and I'm very grateful to have access to this ancient knowledge. My intention through myself and my teachings is to bring a depth of energetic awareness that takes one beyond the physical asana practice, to create a loving devotion through heart-centered awareness and compassion, to integrate the learnings from the mat into everyday life. My favourite pose is always changing, but I love dancer's pose as the balancing component calls for complete presence as the heart expands and remains open. You can remain grounded and connected through Earth while drawing energy up the chakras through to the heart.

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Julie McCormick

Yoga Instructor

Being originally from an island in Quebec, I have a deep connection with water and feel stirred by fluid movements while teaching. My practice and my teaching is a mix of Blissology and Budokon: a mix of surf movements and Martial Art techniques.

As a yoga instructor, I promote fluidity in each yoga pose and invite people to explore their individual yoga journey with love, patience and kindness. My mission is to empower students and elevate them to feel good in their body, mind, and spirit and inspire joy on their mat and in their lives.

I also love to incorporate sound healing in my classes as I believe in holistic health, incorporating movement, meditation and mindfulness.

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Julie Wannop

Yoga Instructor

I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 25 years. I have built, owned, and operated two studios and my yoga career has lead me all over the world. I began my journey with yoga in Vashisht, India, in 1998, unexpectedly and unintentionally. It changed my life forever.

With a true gypsy heart, from India, I continued my travels and practiced and taught worldwide. I eventually landed in West Kelowna, BC, where I’ve been now for the past 12 years.

Practising and teaching internationally created the opportunity for me to train with myriad yoga teachers from diverse backgrounds and lineages. It was in this way that I learned how to teach many different styles of yoga to practitioners with varying levels of experience. My intention in my classes is to create a safe, supportive, and nourishing space for people to reconnect with their bodies, breath, and the moment. I like to keep classes simple, rejuvenating, and lead by the flow of breath.

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Kelly Day

Yoga Instructor

My journey into my practice has been one of remembering the inherent value of my essence and authenticity. As a curious seeker, I’ve spent years of my life on a quest to find answers to some of my deepest contemplations. The practice of yoga has served as a foundation for me to come back to my greatest truth realized thus far — that the true teacher and guide lies within. 

My intention through my teachings is to hold space for students to access this inner knowing. I teach from an embodied and authentic space — one that gently invites you into your own personal inquiry, so you may polish the lens of your inner awareness and attune to your authentic expression.

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Miles Kroeker

Yoga Instructor

Miles strives to facilitate his yoga classes from a place of authentic presence in his expression and exploration of unity & connection which stems from the Sanskrit root of the word Yoga. 

He delights in bridging this approach over into any of his movement and expressive art modalities including dance, inversions, circus arts, music, food and more.

Expect a wide array of class dynamics and taking time to play with a variety of concepts while using breath and yoga based asana as the congruent thread from class to class.

My favorite pose is Adho Mukha Vrkasana (Handstand or Downward-Facing Tree Pose). It is my favourite posture because it strongly encourages a profound connection to the present moment, inspires awareness around subtle body alignment, provides lots of transition dynamics during a yoga flow and it turns my world, literally, upside down. I love seeing things from new and different perspectives. 

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Samantha Hogue

Yoga Instructor

I am an enthusiastic individual with a passion for people and love for community! I am a bit of a travelling nomadic yogi focusing on building deep roots wherever I go. I feel so blessed and honoured to be celebrating my 12th year of teaching yoga. I have deep gratitude for all of my teachers past and present for they have influenced and help shape my practice on and off the mat. As meditation and nature appreciation are paramount in my world, I make conscious efforts to weave them into my teachings. My style and life manta is to “always leave people and places better than I found them”. I am so excited to connect with you. See you on your mat.

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Shannon Falls

Yoga Instructor

Shannon believes firmly that to teach you must first and always be a student. That constant observation and learning is essential to personal progression both on and off the mat. She has practiced and completed training in various yoga styles such as Vinyasa, Power, Prenatal, Yin, and Restorative through which she has developed her own unique style. Balancing strength and flexibility with a focus on creative transitioning and sequences, her instruction is both challenging and playful. Her classes require a mindful presence, physical awareness, and a pairing of breath with movement.

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Tamara Logan

Yoga & Bellyfit Instructor

With love in her heart and sparkle in her soul, Tamara seeks to move and inspire those around her.

Described as “sparkly” and energetic, Tamara’s training includes Bellyfit®, Poledance for Fitness, Groove Movement™, BCRPA Fitness Theory, Weight Training and Group Fitness modules as well as 500hr YTT with the S.O.Y.A and a variety of workshops and teachers throughout the years. 

Bellyfit® found its way into her life in 2007 when she met Alice and Rowan at lululemon on their first “tour” with Bellyfit®.  She attended the first ever teacher training in November 2007, and the Master Trainer Training in 2010.  She has been teaching at least 2 ( and up to 5) classes a week since 2009.

As Master Trainer, she has trained Instructors throughout Canada, with a visit to the US and Norway, which sent out Bellyfit® instructors to Germany, Denmark and Italy.

Tamara is delighted and excited to be a part of YOUR Bellyfit® experience, to guide and inspire you to greatness in your own life!

“No matter what kind of a day i have had, Bellyfit® always makes it BETTER!”  ~Tamara Logan

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Tayler Sawchuk

Yoga Instructor

My name is Tayler and I am here to spread 𝘭𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵! △ I teach yoga to empower others to connect with their body, mind and soul. To notice how good it feels to simply move and breathe. To use the breath to shift energy and elevate the mind. To truly be the best versions of themselves. 

Exercise, health and wellness have always been important to me. In 2015, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Kinetics at UBC Okanagan. In January 2019, I travelled to Sri Lanka to complete my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. More recently, I completed Massage Therapy college and now work as a RMT full time. When not on the mat, you can find me outside in the sun with my pup Kia, reading at a coffee shop or planning my next travelling adventure!ॐ  

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